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Body Owner Information
Body Owner: Francesca Birks-DenegriYour
E-Mail: Francesca_Birks-Denegri@brown.eduYour E-mail

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Basic Body Information
Body Name:Darryl Annah
Age: 21
Sexual Preference:bisexual
Head Texture:Lava
Torso Texture:Cloudy
Arm Texture:Glass
Leg Texture:Water

Body Parts Desired
Head:Eyes: yes

Ears: yes

Mouth: yes

Teeth: yes
Torso: Breasts: medium
Abs: cut
Overall: large
Pregnant: no
Limb Exchange:none

Body considered as

    Francesca Birks-DenegriYour 's extension of self, an ideal

Special Handling Instructions / Body Description

    Darryl does not remember her birth. She exists and that is all she knows. Darryl is on a quest to find her rightful birth author. She sleeps rarely and eats when desire fills her. She is as strong as the average 21st century man. Please send Darryl my way, so that she can meet her maker.


    This defies naturalism, Darryl defies the real.

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