P A G E 1

Discontiguous. Dispersed. Dissipated. Distributed. There's a lot of hype these days about what happens to the digital body ... the digitally disembodied. For many, the move away from an ontology rooted in a relatively definable, observable, organically grounded and controllable "where," toward a relatively undefinable, unobservable, and uncontrollable "nowhere" is rather uncomfortable. Digital immersion involves a certain dislocation of one's sense of place, where, one might think, the physical body is dis- or re-placed with that of the virtual world and the immaterial "no-body." The problem comes when this process is (mis)perceived as a move away from our pristine bodies in a "state of nature," toward our manufactured bodies in an "unnatural state." Bodies have never been anything but manufactured. Victoria Vesna's installation brings this point home quite forcefully.

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