History of Art and Computing is currently under production in the Art Studio Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara and has been made possible by grants from the U.C.S.B. Department of Instructional Development, and the David Bermant Foundation: Color, Light, Motion.

Directed by Victoria Vesna, Professor of Art Studio at U.C.S.B., HAC will be a twentieth century survey of the development of the computer and those artists that were directly and/or indirectly affected by digital technology.

The idea was born out of a CD-ROM project produced by Vesna and the Art Studio department last fall entitled Computers and the Intuitive Edge (CIE). CIE's purpose was to provide undergraduate students with an introduction to computer technology for the Visual Thinker.

It was soon discovered that a supplementary work was needed - an extension of CIE, discussing parallel events in the evolution of arts and computers - to give students exposure to some of the historic advancements in computer technology, and a knowledge of the artists who have been involved in discovering or utilizing these technologies in their work.

The History of Art and Computing is intended for instructional purposes only.

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