Home is a gated community plugged into the surrounding chaos via various surveillance cameras and teams of journalists, who venture out to record the status of a separate existence. This DAILY NEWS is important to the Bodies© INCorporated community, as it reinforces the significance of the stringent rules and regulations that Members have to abide by in order to enjoy a sense of peace and security. Home, INCorporated in 1995, possesses an architecture that hovers somewhere between a circuit board and Disneyland. Realize that your total autonomy is itself anything but an exclusive fiction. "Decency" is defined in strict codes in the virtuality of the material realm; SURVEILLANCE is firmly established, and privacy demolished. However, you do have the option of ESCcape, or the ability to create your own personal space.

Be aware, there are rigid codes of conduct members must follow in order to retain active membership within the Body Owner community. The hierarchy is strictly undefined. The conceptual programmers (also functioning as systems administrators) are the ArchiTexts writ large, who at any moment may penetrate Members' personal space to inspect their actions. they are equivalent to the idea of God/dess. The administrators of the representational realm, are the unquestionable ArchiTexts writ small. They are in charge of checking spaces, tracking usage, and bestowing permissions. The Builders are privileged members who have earned the right to access the source code required for erecting your world.


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