CONGRATULATONS! You are now free to go anywhere and free to do and/or buy anything. TOTAL democracy reigns supreme, and happy consumers are handsomely rewarded. You enter Showplace!!!© INCorporated. Immediately available is a mirror image of your self. The camera zooms in, you feel an enormously warm and glowing light directly above you. Your image is projected onto a large billboard that millions of people are viewing. Appearing larger than life gets you sexually aroused. You are being watched by countless eyes and through multiple lenses -- all in sharp focus.

Nearby, you see a flashing "BODIES ON DISPLAY" sign. Thousands upon thousands of CORPORATE LOGOS, from every imaginable hardware and software company, fly around you, making a hypnotic hum. You reach out for the newest, shiniest, most improved item, and type in your credit number...


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